Cache as a Query result

Let's say we have too much records into table and we don't want to cache them all.
We want to cache just a part of them.
Hopefully, Daobab provides easy way to do this.

Every entity list result() is a cache!

Select from not cached Dao to get just part (between dates) orders:

CachedList orderlist=Select.from(daoOrderPizza)
	.whereBetween(daoOrderPizza.colDeliverDate(), fromDate, toDate)

Now, orderlist is our cache. Make in-memory queries over it. Count at the begginig:

Long uniquePizzasOrdered=Select.from(orderlist).unique().countAny();

What pizzas has been ordered? (cache and database table in one query)

List orderedpizzanames=Select.fieldList(daoPizza.colName())