version 1.2.0

release date: January 2021

- whole 'where' and 'having' methods were renamed. Method names indicates to relation between pointer and value. No need to import static Operator anymore.

- all kind of queries may start from QueryTarget, it will be a recommended way to build queries from now.

- new QueryTarget interface as a Target child - indicates target, which may be queried.

- introducing findOne(), findMany(), findFirst() - result type may be changed quickly, without changing the query. Method result() has been removed.

- Projection renamed to shorter and more intuitive Plate, ProjectionBox renamed to Plates, FlatProjection renamed to FlatPlate, FlatProjectionBox renamed to FlatPlates

- Upgraded and simplified in-memory buffer engines.

- Plates as QueryTarget (in-memory querying is possible over them)

- selects over special 'DUAL' table

- selects may contains another select as a function provider

- inserts may contains selects

- class package refactoring ,internal optimization, simplifying the code

- introducing experimental package with automatic join inside

- query translators were collected into a SqlQueryResolver class

- introducing QueryWhisperer - a big help into quick query building

- introducing FunctionWhisperer - eliminates static imports for functions

- columns() method into each entity class returns List<Column> type

- fixed EnhancedEntity default joinColumn() return value

- SQL set operators like union, except, intersect, minus were added

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