Remote Target

Execute query remotely

Daobab allows the remote execution of query by invoking Daobab server endpoint.

It's good solution when your architecture is separated.

Instead of consuming database connection pools, you may use remote querying.

To use remote querying, expose DaobabServer endpoint. It may be a single REST service.

At the client site, just use DaobabClient to call and receive data from server.

From that moment, you are able to call any query you want, remotely and via single endpoint.

It's also safe, you may protect it like any other rest endpoint.

At the moment, Remote Server is not transactional. So keep in mind, there is auto commit for every Update, Insert, Delete at the server side.

Also, Remote Server does not allow the execution of native queries.

Data Protection

At the server site, you may forbid an access to particular tables or passwords.

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