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Daobab benefits

Is it useful for me?

Let's find out, what Daobab can give you and how it can speed up your development.

Daobab integrates SQL with Java. Every query is written as Java code. That's why the DataBase usage is so native for Java developers. 

Take a look how quickly you are able to create SQL query in Java.

IDE code complete suggests tables and column names. Also checks your query in realtime. You will be surprised, because committing a logical error will be very difficult.

You will be shocked, when you realise, how easy it's to test your query or debug it not only into Java but also into DB Tool.

Do you want to know more details?

Fully Object Oriented
Entities have relations copied from the database to Java.
Abstracts and interfaces are fully in use.
Do you like to create abstract methods? You should like to create abstract SQL queries as well.

Entity as Map with column interfaces
Each unique column has its own interface. Entity has no fields, but interfaces. Each column interface reads and writes from a map.
Relations between entities (tables) are built by implementing the same column interfaces.
This unique approach brings a lot of opportunities and recreates the database relations into a Java.

Rich SQL Support
Use not only basic SQL features but also very useful joins, groupby, having, functions... and others.

Short expressions
With Daobab, query mostly ends in a single line.

SQL within Java code
You don't need to create a separate method for each specific query.
You may use SQL in your for loops, if conditions or generally inside of any Java method body.

SQL with values
You may log your query completely, with values.
Also you can copy and paste SQL from your log to debug it into your DB tool.
And it's safe.

There is totally no casting. All types are being handled automatically.

Easy to use
Basically, after reverse engineering, you are ready to work with the database.

Automatic assignments
Just work with queries. Don't worry about SQL assignments.

Easy testing
Daobab and Unit Tests? This is a perfect marriage. Just play with the queries.

Unlimited targets
Technically, you may call an unlimited amount of databases/schemas within your own microservice without any problems.
Migration? Not a big deal anymore.

In-Memory targets
Create buffers with part of the database copied into memory.
Execution of the SQL query on such a target, is very quick.

Remote targets
No need to have a direct database access. No need to expose a number of endpoinds.
Just execute the query remotely and safely.

DataBase independent
No matter what kind of database you have. Daobab is able to correct your SQL and use the native database dialog.

Framework independent
Works fine with Spring, Spring Boot, JavaEE, standalone.... and others.

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